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About Us


Just imagine it - your own home being transformed into the most picturesque and welcoming environment. Based in Southern California, we at Imagine the Stage are Luxury Home Staging Professionals. Our goal is to create satisfied customers by staging your home for the right buyer at the right time and for top dollar! I.T.S. staging professionals work with the homeowner to make their potential buyers walk in and imagine themselves at home.

The I.T.S. team takes the stress out of preparing your home for the real estate market by creating beautiful spaces in your home that are beyond your imagination.

We are a team of skilled professionals who are collectively committed to identifying, creating and enhancing the beauty of the client's home, interior as well as exterior. Every team member has mastered their respective fields. They have been selected because of their skill level, work ethic, and dedication to excellence. It is this mastery, professionalism and dedication which transforms our clients' property into a warm and welcoming environment awaiting the right buyer.

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Susan opens a new curtain in life with Imagine The Stage, LLC. Her goal at I.T.S. is to create a satisfied customer by staging the home for the right buyer, at the right time and for top dollar. No home is too large or too small to be enhanced. Susan uses the principles and elements of design to create a beautiful distinctive environment for each of her respective clients.

With more than 20 years of home staging, de-cluttering, organizing and re-designing homes, Susan has become a professional stager. She has developed the skill, style and the talent which allows her to create unique and distinctive spaces for her clients. She learned to listen and address the customer's needs, give attention to detail and deliver more than the customer expected.




Bianca has a background in psychology and forensics, where attention to detail is paramount, great interpersonal skills are a requirement, and photographic and written documentation skills are essential for success. She adheres to that same level of attention to detail, documentation, and interpersonal skills in her passion for home design and organization at Imagine The Stage, LLC.
Bianca is professionally trained and has years of experience with digital and panoramic photography, diagramming, and laser scanner documentation. In addition, Bianca has traveled the world teaching people various subjects including photography. During her worldwide travels, she has had the privilege of seeing different home environments across many cultures and is excited when this can be incorporated into home design. Bianca's global public speaking, attention to detail and many years of photography training allows her to bring a magnitude of creative philosophy to Imagine The Stage, LLC.

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